Monday, January 10, 2011

Marston ringing report 2010

Marston Sewage Works


Summary of the Year

A total of 2009 birds of 45 species have been ringed this year. 55 visits were made to the site over the year which is down on last year when 73 visits were made. No visits were made in March and December mainly because of snow and freezing conditions. The other month when few visits were made was September when only 4 visits were made compared to last year 15.

One new species has been added to the totals list bringing the overall total of species to 100 with the addition of the Bearded Tits that were caught in November.

Between January and April five visits were made and 175 birds ringed in the works. From April to June we concentrated on the works mainly catching Swift Swallow & House Martins where 874 birds were ringed in 21 visits. After July all effort was concentrated adjacent to the reed bed at the far end of the plots. July to September saw 1175 birds ringed from 24 visits. During this period the majority of birds were House Martins, Reed Warbler & Sedge Warbler. There were few Swallow caught over this period with only 54 compared to 310 last year another species that was scarce this year was Sand Martin 20 compared with 120 last year. October to December 5 visits resulted in 123 birds being ringed. The bulk of the migration this year had finished by the end of August.

Birds ringed & retrapped 2010

Monthly Ringing Totals

Total number of birds ringed 1985 - 2010

Birds that have moved

Codes used in tables
N-new bird, R-retrapped bird, C-control bird that has moved
M-male, F-female,
numbers used are codes :-
1-chick in the nest, 2-unknown age, 4-hatched last year or before, 6-hatched 2 years ago at least, 3-hatched this year, 5-hatched last year

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Anglian Water without whose help and assistance and permission to enter their site this report and the ringing of the birds would not have been possible.
We would also like to thank Alan & Dave who have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome and for all their help on our visits.

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